• Today, women in Michigan still make only 74 cents on average to every dollar made by their male counterpart, less than the nationwide average of 78 cents. That number drops to 63 cents for women of color.
  • The United States is the only developed nation in the world without federal paid family leave. However, four states have adopted their own paid family leave legislation to allow working families job and financial security while taking time to stay home with a newborn. Michigan currently does not offer paid family leave, and recent reports show the staggering price of child care costs.
  • 47% of all Americans are currently part of the “sandwich generation” - a drastic increase in people currently caring for both children and elder parents.
  • Younger people are putting off or avoiding having children due to the high costs of child care.
  • Women make up just 10 percent of the Michigan State Senate (4 out of 38). Women are still largely underrepresented in leadership positions in business, and only make up 30% of business owners overall.


  • Support legislation to increase the minimum wage and close the gender pay gap, which in turn would provide a significant boost to Michigan’s economy.
  • Craft legislation to position Michigan as only the fifth state in the country to guarantee paid family leave, cementing Michigan’s place as a nationwide leader for working families.   
  • Protect a woman’s right to choose, and protect funding for women’s health care clinics like Planned Parethood. Support sexual assault prevention and service programs.
  • Support more women vying for elected office at all levels. Studies have shown that women legislators pass twice as many bills as their male colleagues, are more likely to introduce legislation that benefits women and families, and bring more money back to the districts they represent.
  • Supporting initiatives such as Universal Early Education and efforts to lower prescription drug costs to ease the financial burden on the sandwich generation.