What I'll Fight For

I believe in a collaborative approach to politics. I know that the best solutions only come from meeting and listening to as many people as possible, from seeing the issues in action, in talking to both experts and everyday people. I'll always fight for the best solution, no matter where it comes from.

Consider this page a living document. These are the issues I care about. But as I travel around the district, meet more of you, hear your concerns and your ideas, I'll share what I've learned, and put forth thoughtful solutions as we get into 2018.



bringing transparency and accountability back to government

You should feel like your representative is fair, honest, and spends 100% of their time and efforts working for you. Unfortunately and for far too long, that hasn't been the case in Michigan. Nationally, Michigan ranks as one of the worst in government ethics, and representatives often seem to vote against the wishes of their constituents.

Accessibility and transparency are my #1 priorities. I'll treat this campaign as a test run for how I'd treat the office: I'll always keep you informed on what's going on, bring you inside the campaign trail, and be available to talk about the issues.

The best ideas come about when everyone is heard. And I'm here to listen. 



improving education. fighting for teachers

Our district has some of the best public schools in the state. But teachers continually tell me that they feel disheartened, worn down, and stretched too thin. Our public school should challenge all of our kids, no matter who they are, what they love, or how they learn. It's not just about test scores. It's about creating a passion for learning and problem-solving that they can use throughout their lives. And it's about recruiting and retaining the best teachers and talent to protect the quality of our public schools now and for the next generation. 



healthcare that puts you first

Healthcare shouldn't be a constant weight on your shoulders. Michigan currently has some of the highest prescription drug costs in the country, and people tell me they're worried about what's going to happen with the unease on the federal level. But states have the power to set their own standards, and Michigan should fight to ensure healthcare puts Michiganders first. I'll fight to support the Healthcare Bill of Rights, establish a bi-partisan Consumer Protection Board to fight against skyrocketing drug costs, and fight to ensure families have access to simplified healthcare no matter their situation. I believe that women should have more healthcare options, not fewer, and know that many families are not only taking care of themselves and their kids, but their aging parents as well. A healthy Michigan improves education, the economy, and the overall well-being of our state, and it's time we prioritize that care. 



infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure

We're the state that put the American automotive industry on the map, but you wouldn't know it by our roads. We need to fix our crumbling infrastructure while planning for our future now to avoid paying a much higher price down the line.



growing our economy

Michigan has an unparalleled history of design, innovation, and manufacturing; with Southeast Michigan widely known as the birthplace of the middle class. We should be inspired by that history to pave the way for the future of jobs, become a fertile ground for starting and growing small businesses, and lead the country with innovative solutions. Let's close the skills gap and invest in education. 



protecting the great lakes and our environment

We're lucky to be home to over 20% of the world's fresh water supply. Not only is our responsibility to conserve our environment for generations, but economically advantageous to do so. Let's lead on water policy and conservation. Let's protect the quality of our land, water, and air. And let's ensure the local economies that rely on our natural resources and environment are sustainable for decades to come. 




It's time to take politics and special interests out of the conversation and focus on common-sense safety solutions that both protect the second amendment while ensuring the highest levels of safety for all residents. I'll support efforts to study and understand gun violence as both a health and public safety issue, and to ensure we move forward on areas where we have common ground on all sides: enhanced background checks, support of mental health issues, and fighting to ensure that dangerous weapons stay out of the hands of domestic abusers.