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Mallory McMorrow is a candidate for State Senate in Michigan's 13th District, covering Berkley, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Clawson, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, and Troy.

I  never had a key to my house growing up. The doors were never locked. I was raised in a house that was almost 200 years old. It was a place where everyone - friends, family, and neighbors - always felt welcome.

It didn’t matter who had more or who had less. It didn’t matter if you worked at the grocery store, on a farm, or in an office building. We didn’t talk about “right-wings” or “leftists,” liberals or conservatives, whether you were a Republican or a Democrat.

It was a place where you always had someone to talk to or a place to go. If you were sick, or facing a family hardship, it was a place where you knew your neighbors would look out for you.

I got my first job when I was 12 years old, serving coffee at BINGO night at the town firehouse. Since then, I’ve been a grocery store cashier, night manager, and bartender, a digital image editor, babysitter, and researcher.

After going to college to study industrial and car design, I took on high-profile jobs in product design, media and advertising in New York and Los Angeles, and have built a career solving complex big-budget problems. I thrive on the ability to unite different ideas and competing personalities towards common goals. I've designed products, toys, and apparel for iconic toy brand Hot Wheels, where I earned a patent, helped lead creative direction with over 2000 global licensees for brands at Mattel - where I built rapport with executives and agencies from all over the world, across different cultures. I helped launch and lead an LA-based advertising and documentary film production company to become an industry leader while encouraging diversity in our roster, and have had writing appear in outlets such as Road & Track, Jalopnik, and Jezebel. 

But I was lucky enough to meet someone born and raised here and marry into Michigan. Of all the places I've lived and worked - from coast to coast and everywhere in between - I've never loved a place as much as I love it here. I wake up inspired every single day. I'm inspired by the incredibly kind and thoughtful people I've gotten to know, by Michigan's unparalleled history of design and innovation, by its vast beauty, home to our sprawling Great Lakes. 

Choosing to put roots down right here in Michigan is the best decision I've ever made.  

Mallory with her husband Ray and rescue dog, Detroit

Mallory with her husband Ray and rescue dog, Detroit

This is why I'm running to be your State Senator - because you deserve someone who's passionate, collaborative, optimistic, and who will work tirelessly to protect the Michigan that we love while planning for our future.

Let’s create the communities that we want to see, where we empower our educators to challenge our kids, giving them the tools to compete for jobs that don’t even exist yet; where we make healthcare accessible regardless of your situation, whether you’re taking care of yourself, your children, or even your parents; where we harness our rich culture of innovation to create new opportunities and new types of careers, where we protect our beautiful state and ensure it’s here to enjoy for generations to come.

I believe that big changes come from everyday people. In actions, not in words. Let’s protect what makes Michigan so unique.

I can’t wait to get out there and meet you. To hear your stories. To hear about your family. To hear about why you love this place, what you want to protect, and what we can - and should - do better.

Let’s go.